Hi, I'm Roger Dennison. I learned valuable lessons in 21 years of people management in large organisations and more than a decade of community leadership in smaller ones.


My most important lesson is that making change happen involves using the rich feedback from your head, gut and heart to plan your next steps.  


Everyone has the right to take steps which leave anxiety, despair and discomfort behind them in favour of a vivid, fulfilling life.


Now as an advanced coaching practitioner I support people’s development in a way which helps them rise above their current situation, using their experience to achieve fulfilling results, like


  • producing better results for their customers
  • enjoying healthier colleague relationships  
  • showing confidence more easily on and off the job


If you would like to discover more about the difference coaching support can make to your life please book a 30 minute session in my calendar. I look forward to getting to know you better.


Complimentary Session

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